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Have you ever noticed how social media is a little bit like high school?LinkedIn3

You have Facebook as the popular cheerleader, Twitter as the comeback rebel, and Pinterest as the artsy trend setter. But, what about LinkedIn?

On the outside we see LinkedIn as the quiet, book smart, A student. But, dive a bit deeper and you might just find that entrepreneur. Creativity hidden in a nutshell of professional networking and resources. Everyone can be classified based on their image. But, break open that image and learn more about it, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

We all know how a Linkedin page works. All your personal professional information housed in a neat page for all your business connections to see and learn from. Whether it’s your page or your company’s page, Linkedin allows for the viral world to access key information and insight into your career and your company. But, LinkedIn is more than just a networking site, it’s a transaction platform. It’s a launch pad to advanced strategic partnering and better resource sharing. How so?

Connections. They say it’s who you know. But, we want to take that even further. It’s who you find. And LinkedIn is just the tool to help you find those partners, resources, and success stories that will link your business to the next level. In need of a sophisticated marketing manager? Looking for a hard-working college intern to run your social media? Interested in finding the perfect charity to partner with? Great! Linkedin can help you.

That and more.  Recently, new uses within LinkedIn, were highlighted in Social Media Examiner. Viveka Von Rosen, the blogger of 6 Ways to Use the New LinkedIn Features to Get More Business, points out that, “With this new user interface, LinkedIn really has made it easier to find new connections, quickly examine and qualify prospects and then reach out and engage with them.”

Among these 6 new uses is the ability to receive updates on who you may know in the business world. Can’t remember that manager’s name or face from that trade show you just attended? Don’t worry, LinkedIn will find him for you. Before, you could only view names of connections you may have made. But now, Linkedin provides you with photos of those people, their information, and their names. A homerun of viral networking that will make connecting a whole lot easier.

Even before you make those connections, you have the option to input your likes, skills, interests and causes. Don’t worry, because Linkedin does all the hard work for you by finding people with common interests. Let’s say you volunteer for the Special Olympics on the weekends and you enter it as one of your causes on linkedin. Well, you automatically are matched with people you may or may not know who have it selected as their cause too. Just so happens, a local business who you are looking to partner with has a CEO who volunteers with Special Olympics as well. Bingo, a useful connection is made and the networking can begin.

This is also a good way to connect with prospects, by joining the groups they are involved with. Nothing says, “I’m willing to do business with you,” than joining a group your prospect is interested in and contributing. Your prospect will feel a sense of true involvement and will be more inclined to work with you knowing you have the same interests. Utilize the groups to find customers by market or segment as well. You can select from numerous topics and industries to prospect from. You can even connect with resources from your most reliable and trustworthy business partners by seeing who they have in their groups. That way you connect through people with people you already have great relationships with. It’s a win-win situation.

So, it looks like Linkedin has joined the cool crowd. It can proudly walk the halls with the new and innovative uses that allow for better business and networking. Don’t forget to visit Viveka’s post for more updates on the other fresh uses of Linkedin. And as always, feel free to reach out to our team here at USSCOspeaks. We will be happy to brainstorm with you on your Linkedin page. Who knows, you may just get that letter jacket you always dreamed of and of course, more business.

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Viveka Von Rosen is a frequent blogger for Social Media Examiner, Author of Linkedin Marketing: An Hour a Day, an International Keynote Speaker, and Forbes Top 10 Influential Women.

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