Get Brand Creative like Sharpie, or Die Trying

Ok, you don’t have to die trying.

But, everyday you should push yourself and your business to get creative and inspire innovative thinking.

Marketing is about thinking outside the box and enabling new and alluring programs and promos to lure in more sales. Sharpie is a leader of this notion, excelling everyday by promoting campaigns through their products and drawing in consumers to their brand.

It just so happens that Sharpies’ brand lovingly revolves around creative geniuses who market the product with their fanatic indulgence.  James Victore, an American art director, designer, and huge Sharpie fan is an example of how brand creativity is important and blogs to this point in, James Victore: The Simplicity of Being a Genius”.

Splattered with sharpie inspired photos and creative blurbs, James highlights the importance of creative fandom in a brand and how he is a working, walking advertisement for it. Which is something United focuses on by inspiring our resellers to throw their brand out there for others to grab hold off in inventive ways. We’ve discovered consumers inundated with an average of 4,000 brand impressions every day, so it is important to stand out among the crowd. Learn from the genius below on how he creatively promotes his favorite brand.

James Victore is an American art director, designer, and author from Idaho. You can visit him at his website.

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