Boost Engagement on Your LinkedIn Company Page

While Facebook and Twitter seem to be the brightest social media stars, it’s Linkedintime to shine the spotlight on an equally important social platform: LinkedIn.

Sure, your company may have a LinkedIn page – but how well are you engaging?

With over 28 million unique monthly visitors, LinkedIn is the most business-focused social media platform for professionals. According to Social Media Examiner, 50 percent of companies say they’re more likely to purchase products and services from a brand that they actively engage with on LinkedIn.

For these reasons (and many others), we want to share some helpful strategies for boosting engagement on your LinkedIn company page:

#1: Identify content that’s most engaging to your target audience.

By joining LinkedIn groups your target market is a part of, you can determine which topics and articles are generating the most buzz. You can also search specific keywords in groups to determine which topics create the most engagement. You can see these trends by clicking on the “Group Statistics” tab under the search menu.

After identifying which topics are generating the most conversation among your target audience, you can integrate these topics into your own content.

#2: Post status updates often (and especially in the morning!).

Rise and shine! Recent data from LinkedIn reveals that posting status updates in the morning is the best time for businesses to engage followers. That said, it’s also important to schedule posts throughout the day to increase post visibility and engagement with those logging in later in the day.

Try using a tool like HootSuite to automate LinkedIn posts when you’re not able to update manually. Automating your status updates in LinkedIn allows you to schedule posts on weekends or early in the morning when you’re not working at the office.

It’s all about finding what works best with your audience. Create a spreadsheet to log days, times, post impression count and engagement stats. This’ll help you figure out what days and times are giving you the most reach.

#3. Add pictures, files, and links in status updates.

Did you know you can add images and files to your LinkedIn company status updates? There’s no excuse not to test out pictures and files along with your text updates. As you know, images make social content stand out in a news stream of status updates. Also try pairing interesting links with text to help attract more clicks.

#4: Promote your LinkedIn company page badge on your website.

One simple way to increase engagement on your LinkedIn company profile (and attract new followers) is simply by promoting a link to your LinkedIn Company Page on your website and email signature line. This’ll inform fans and potential clients about your LinkedIn profile, which can help establish credibility and more followers.

#5: Use LinkedIn Recommendation Ads

LinkedIn Recommendation Ads allow you to promote your products and services to your target market. These ad campaigns can help you increase engagement with your Company Page by bringing in more traffic and product recommendations. And each time someone recommends your product, it’s automatically shared with that person’s followers (which can bring you even more traffic and recommendations).

How are you engaging followers on LinkedIn?